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woodworm treatment vanOnGuard Pest Control uses one of the most effective high pressure woodworm killer systems currently available on the market, unlike other pest control companies that just use surface sprays.

High pressure woodworm treatment is really important to protect roof beams, where the treatment fluid needs to penetrate as deep as possible to kill the insects and to get in to all joints and crevices to prevent larvae from a new season of eggs getting access to an untreated surface and creating further structural damage to your home.

If you notice any signs of woodworm in your home, call us immediately. We can treat any woodworm infested areas and tell you what to do to prevent the problem from spreading or reoccurring. Our IPCA qualified technicians will:

  • Identify the type of insect and extent of the wood worm infestation
  • Whether the infestation is active or inactive
  • How much structural damage, if any, has occurred
  • What woodworm killer is best for your property depending on all the above factors.


We Provide Professional Woodworm Treatment in Ireland.

woodworm treatmentThere are a number of species of woodworm beetles and the method of treatment will depend on which species is attacking the timber.

Woodworm can be treated using a chemical insecticide which will be applied to the affected area to prevent further infestations. However, applying the treatment requires a lot of preparatory work.

First, we will clean down all the timbers, and temporarily remove any roof insulation material so that we can get at the joists to work on them. This avoids the fire-risk of insulation becoming impregnated with the fluid or small polystyrene granules dissolving together.

We also need to cover electric cables and the cold water storage tank. Floorboards must be lifted to get at the undersides and the joists. Depending on the situation, your furniture may also have to be dismantled and treated.

Not all woodworm needs the specialised, high-pressure treatment. E.G. Furniture would be destroyed by the pressure of the machine.

However, some varieties of woodworm larve burrow deep, causing extensive damage and needing more than just surface spray. In these circumstances, to treat the wood effectively, we use professional equipment which can penetrate the timber.

Depending on your specific situation, we can either surface treat timbers or use the high pressure treatment system – we will advise you on which woodworm treatment is necessary.

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