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Woodworm treatment - Furniture infested with woodwormAntique furniture is prone to woodworm infestations because woodworms are particularly attracted to softwoods.

The types of wood commonly susceptible to infestations are beech, birch, cherry, spruce and alder. Solid mahogany is less likely to suffer from woodworm damage, however most mahogany furniture is secretly veneer laid, on a cheaper and softer wood so be still be observant to any potential damage.

When browsing for antique furniture, make sure you examine the piece thoroughly to see if it has suffered from an infestation. You will notice tiny holes present, indicating that woodworms have been eating their way through the wood. You may also notice a cluster of pearly eggs found in the cracks or crevices in the wood. To examine whether the infestation is still active, sharply tap the furniture to see if any lightly-coloured bore dust spills out of the tiny holes. As a general rule of the thumb, the older the furniture, the more attractive it is to woodworms, so examine extremely old pieces thoroughly before bringing the piece into contact with other furniture.

OnGuard Pest Control offers complete woodworm treatment for your home, however if you have antique furniture, it may require more specialised woodworm treatment applied by an antique furniture restoration expert.woodworm

You may need to buy a special WOODWORM IN FURNITURE TREATMENT KIT, consisting of treatment wax, spray, injection and brushing gel.You may apply the treatment yourself (talk to us about sourcing the product) or take your most valuable pieces to your nearest specialist.

Have a look at the video below where Simon from www.gilboys.co.uk Antique Restorers demonstrates how to apply woodworm treatment to an antique chair. Simon featured on the BBC antiques programme and in the BBC antiques magazine as their VIP Dealer, so he knows what he is doing.


Treating Antique Furniture for Woodworm

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