Woodworm in Schools, Churches & Halls

Woodworm in schools, churches, and parish or community halls are every bit as common as they are in domestic houses, sheds, and workshops. But because these more public properties don’t have people paying attention to the structure every day, they can go unnoticed for months or years. At this time of year, it’s very likely that annual checks are being done for guttering, drainpipes, roofs, and so forth. These times when someone is already up on a ladder, in the attic, or otherwise in places nobody normally goes are an excellent time at which to check for woodworm. This year’s mild autumn makes it particularly important; the woodworm thrive in this weather.

As with domestic situations, you’re looking for the telltale holes in timbers. These are small – usually only 1-2mm in width – and there are usually a few of them together. Occasionally you’ll see places where the trail of the woodworm was an angle to the surface of the timber, and they can be oval rather than round. Aside from these “burrow holes”, you might also see white or yellow-ish dust around the holes, or on the floor below them. If you get as far as seeing timbers that are “sagging” or look weak, you have a serious problem, and may need to replace that piece as well as getting the woodworm treated urgently.

If you have woodworm in one part of a building – or even in furniture in the building – it’s important to have the rest of it checked as well. Woodworm beetles will move around fairly freely anywhere they can find exposed wood, and they’re perfectly capable of getting into tiny cracks, under doors, and so forth. Woodworm in schools and halls can also come in as donations. It’s worth being very careful of furniture coming into such public buildings – new furniture is probably safe, but second-hand or donated pieces should be examined carefully and treated if necessary.

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Depending on the type of infestation in your school, church, or hall, we offer different treatments: either surface spray or a high-pressure treatment that penetrates deep into the wood. We treat all parts of a building, as well as furniture and fittings.

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