Woodworm in Autumn

September 2021 is giving us fairly mild temperatures – in most parts of Ireland, the mercury hasn’t even dropped to single digits yet. This is pleasant enough if you’re a human, but for woodworm, it’s the best possible situation, and that’s not good for your untreated woodwork or wooden furniture. When there are mild temperatures this late in the year – and particularly if they persist into October – the woodworm beetles and their larvae get a longer breeding and activity season. Woodworm are much less active in the winter months, and this is particularly true of those which have burrowed into roof joists, attic timbers, sheds, or the like, where the colder temperatures can reach them. The first frosts can severely hamper their activities. Cold weather – or at least the kind of cold we get in Ireland – won’t kill them off, though, so you’ll still need woodworm treatments if you see their characteristic markings in wood. They can survive temperatures as low as -30C, and even the kind of cold in a domestic freezer (usually around -18C) won’t kill them off unless they’re in it for a couple of weeks. This means that the traditional way of disposing of woodworm in small items by placing them in a chest freezer isn’t in any way guaranteed to work!

Photo by Paul Engel on Unsplash

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Since many people are doing a garden clear-up during the autumn, and getting up on ladders to clear out guttering and other hard-to-reach areas, it’s a good idea to check for woodworm marks at the same time. You’ll see these as small holes, 1-3mm in diameter. If you spot a woodworm infestation, it’s a good idea to get it treated as soon as possible – otherwise the woodworm will rest through the winter and get a head start again in the spring; they usually become active between March and April.

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