Our Woodworm Articles

Here’s a roundup of everything we’ve written about woodworm, all in one place so you can find it easily!

How to Check Antique Furniture for Woodworm: A step-by-step guide to checking antique and vintage pieces before you bring them into the house. Essential if you’re buying from auctions or flea markets!

Can Woodworm Bite Humans? The short answer is no. The longer answer involves wasps; tiny ones that prey on the woodworm. They can be nasty!

What Do Woodworm Beetles Look Like? Identifying woodworm beetles, when you find them – there are several different species, and most people don’t even know that the woodworm is only the larval form.

A Clever Way to Check for Active Woodworm: Did your woodworm treatment work? Find out! And call us if it didn’t, and you need a more in-depth treatment.

Woodworm in Schools, Churches & Halls: Woodworm can get into all kinds of places, not just homes and shops. We talk through what’s necessary to check for them in places that aren’t occupied all the time.

Woodworm in Autumn: What are woodworms up to in autumn? Do they migrate, hibernate, or what?

Woodworm, Wasps, and Climate Change: What effect is climate change having on pests? It’s probably not good for people, anyway.

Treating Woodworm in Joists, Floorboards, and Attic Spaces: Woodworm are bad enough in furniture. But in stuff you can’t move, they’re even worse.

and of course:

10 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Woodworm

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