What To Do When You Have A Wasp Problem

When you have a wasp problem, the first thing is not to panic! Wasps can’t sense fear, as some people will tell you, but they don’t like sudden movements. If you’ve found a large number of wasps, back away slowly and carefully, making sure not to stand on any.

Once you’re at a reasonable distance (4-5m), you can assess what you’re seeing. If they’re flocking to a food source (jam, honey, fruit, or even meat or fish), and they’re not getting in anyone’s way, you can probably leave them be until they’re finished gathering it, which they can do in a very short time. Alternately, you can come back after dark and dispose of whatever’s left, putting it in a closed bin.

If you’re in a wild place (mountains, forests, even scrubland), or out in the country, wasps usually aren’t a problem at all; they’re pollinators and scavengers, and have a valuable role in most ecosystems. In that case, you can leave them be, and go somewhere else.

If, however, they’re in a place where people need to work or move through (or in a shed, storage space, or attic), and particularly if you can see a nest, you may need to call OnGuard Pest Control. We serve Dublin and Leinster, and we can be there fast, and deal with your wasp problem very quickly.

Wasp nests look a little like paper lampshades, and indeed, they’re made of a paper-like substance, which the wasps make from wood pulp or from paper they’ve found in rubbish.

What to do about wasps

Once you’ve called us, and told us what you’re seeing, keep well back from the nest. We’ll be there soon, and we’ll work out what kind of treatment we need to use. All our pest control people are fully trained, and have protective gear that will prevent them from being stung while they’re working. It’ll take a little while for the treatment to be fully effective, but you should then be able to continue without fear of wasp problems!

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