Wasp Nest Removal

I had been planning a shed and garden clear out for some time but as the work was a lot to do on my own I had employed a local firm to help. So imagine my shock when after opening the shed and dragging an old cover out we were surrounded be a swarm of wasps. My shed had a wasps nest in it. A couple of stings later we beat a hasty retreat.

I found Onguard Pest Control on the internet and gave them a call. I got straight through Keith, he explained that the best way was to use a powder spray on the nest in an evening when all the wasps would be at home and that by morning all the wasps would be dead. I explained that I had two people working for me that day and needed it done immediately.

Keith was on his way to another call but agreed to call on his way and use a wet spray for more immediate results. He explained that would not kill any wasps that were not at home and that wasps returning later in the day would not be happy.

Keith arrived shortly after and got kitted out in his “wasp suit”. He then sprayed the nest and the surrounding walls of the shed to help kill returning wasps. Within half an hour the only wasps were those returning to the now missing nest.

The odd returning wasp slowed us down occasionally and we swatted a few but we were then able to get on with clearing the shed and surrounding garden.
Keith’s prompt response saved me having to pay my clear out team to come back another day and I would recommend his service to anybody.

Mark (Ballyfermot)

Wasp Nest Removal
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