Some Facts About Rats and Rat Control

If you suspect that you might have rats in your house, don’t ignore the problem hoping it will go away. It won’t.

In fact, if you procrastinate for a month or two, things may get our of hand. One female rat can produce up to 144 babies in a year. Each of those female babies can get pregnant when they are only 6 weeks old. With gestation lasting only 22 days and up to 12 babies in each litter – you do your maths! That is a LOT of rats!

Have a look at this National Geographic video below, and see what we mean.

Rats are not easy to eliminate by yourself. They are highly intelligent and suspicious of any new objects. They will usually ignore the poison or traps you set up yourself, unless you have a good understanding of their behaviour and habits.

Rats are extremely agile. A rat can shimmy up a dangling wire, climb a vertical wall of brick or stucco or pull itself up in the space between a wall and a utility pipe. They can walk on telephone wires, dig, or swim for days with out stopping.

They can survive a 50-foot fall and land like a cat, uninjured. They can wriggle through a whole the size of a 50 cent piece and jump 3 feet straight up.

Rats are  also very adaptable. They can eat just about anything. They can survive in most conditions. The only brown rat-free zones in the world are the Arctic, the Antarctic, some especially isolated islands, such as Iceland, the province of Alberta in Canada, and certain conservation areas in New Zealand.

Need Help With Rat Control?

If you notice the appearance of rodents in your house or business premises, don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Rats and mice are far more difficult and expensive to eradicate once they have settled in and started breeding. They multiply very quickly and if you leave it too long, the problem can, and most probably will, get out of hand.

So rather than deal with the problem yourself, it is best to call in a professional. Our IPCA qualified technicians have extensive experience in rat control and can quickly and safely get rid of your rat problem.

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