earth_wool_insulation_irelandInsulation needed in your attic?

Reduce your heating bill by 12 – 15%!


Did you know you loose 25 – 30% of your heat through the roof alone.

Installing the insulation needed in your attic properly is very important.
Gaps between the layers of insulation or compressed insulation lead to thermal looping, which causes it to become ineffective.
Good workmanship is key, so you should always employ an installer with experience and good reputation.wool

While there are many different types of insulation, Mineral wool would be our material of choice.
If your getting a Woodworm treatment with us why not get the insulation done also or just if insulation is needed.

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About the Insulation.

  • Mineral wool does not contain artificial colours or added formaldehyde, resulting in environmental credentials above a class of products already rated A+ in the BRE Green Guide.
  • It is all natural in colour NO dyes used.
  • The same high levels of thermal resistance and superb energy efficiency.
  • Sustainability – Made with recycled materials and can be fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Earthwool is the new mineral wool type of Insulation , mineral wool insulation that is naturally brown. It offers significant improvements in terms of feel, handling and environmental performance, while still delivering the outstanding performance you expect from traditional mineral wool.

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