How to get rid of flies – Here are some tips

Wondering how to get rid of flies in your house? Here are a few tips on how to get rid of them, or at least prevent them from driving you insane:
Get rid of flies - Install Fly Screens

  • Keep the doors closed
  • Install Fly Screens
  • Don’t leave food lying around
  • Close tightly your rubbish bins
  • Scoop the dog poop
  • Cover the fruit
  • Try lavender oil
  • Buy or make your own fly papers

Keep the doors closed or install fly screens  

Installing fly screens on your windows and doors is a simple and effective way of getting rid of flies inside your house. Professionally installed fly screens will allow you to enjoy fresh air and keep flies and other insects out. There are many different types of fly screens, some of them you can take off easily when not in use. Check our page on Fly Screens for details.

Scoop the poop, close the rubbish bins and don’t let flies breed 

Flies carry diseasesDid you know that a fly can lay up to 3000 eggs in a space of a few weeks? Because animal excrement and garbage are excellent breeding media,  house flies, can transmit disease pathogens.

It has been shown that each house fly can easily carry over one million bacteria on its body.

Some of the disease shown to be transmitted by house flies to humans are: dysentery, diarrhoea , salmonella, typhoid fever, traveller’s diarrhoea and cholera.

Flies have incredible sense of smell. Scientists discovered that flies can smell meat from 7 kms away. So don’t leave food lying around. Close your rubbish bins tightly and scoop dog faeces on a daily basis to prevent flies from breeding.


Try lavender oil or plant fresh basil on your window ledge

Put a few drops of Lavender Oil on an ordinary small piece of typing paper. Flies seem to HATE lavender! You can also try planting some basil plants in a pot and placing it on the window ledge. Flies move away because of the aromatic scent of the basil plant.

Use fly papers

Did you know that instead of using harmful chemicals, you can make your own fly papers. It is very easy. Here is how.


You can also try the newest invention – The Fly Slayer


Need to get rid of flies fast?

If you are running a restaurant or some food related business, getting rid of flies and preventing them from contaminating the food can be a daily challenge. Insecticides can supplement other controls for  flies. These should be applied to areas away from food, where flies rest. Insecticides should never be poured down the drain. To be fully effective, you will probably need a combination of methods. Give us a call and we will will advise yo on the most effective method of getting rid of them for good.

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