Commercial Pest Control and Monitoring

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Onguard Pest Control provides full commercial pest control and monitoring service.

This includes initial analysis of your pest control needs, evaluation of potential threats, advice on how to minimise future problems, installing bait points in the most appropriate places, creating a service chart for ongoing monitoring and a regular check and bait top-up service. For many businesses, especially the food and health sectors, this is a statutory requirement, but it is a good idea for any business to treat a problem early or put preventative measures in place so you never develop a problem in the first place.

One of our IPCA qualified technicians will call out and assess what treatment is needed.

Our services include:

  • Rodent prevention, monitoring and control ( rats, mice, grey squirrels, mink etc.)
  • Insect prevention, monitoring, & control ( cockroaches, ants, wasps, flies, moths, beetles, fleas, bed bugs)
  • Bird control
  • Structure survey and suggested repairs to prevent pest access ( proofing for doors, windows, walls, drains windows)
  • Flyscreens for windows, doors, air vents
  • Thermal-fogging treatments against insects (preventative treatments of most likely or previously infected places)
  • A comprehensive range of non-toxic pest control methods
  • Pest control audits and maintenance charts to meet statuary requirements

Out of hours pest control & monitoring service

Discreet night time (outside opening hours) service for vulnerable businesses. We can use an unmarked van and can place monitoring and bait points after closing time and collect them again before opening.

OnGuard Pest Control can service your business regularly to ensure you don’t experience closures due to pests. We also offer a discreet screening of hotels for bed-bugs, before the problem develops.

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