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Rat Control  Dublin 10 - Brown rat

Looking for fast, effective rat control in Dublin 10 or the surrounding area?

OnGuard Pest Control are  professional rat exterminators experienced in eliminating vermin such as rats and mice in your home or place of business.

If you ever tried to get rid of rats yourself, you know it is not easy. Rats are intelligent and weary of any new objects in their surrounding, so they normally avoid rat traps, if you don’t know  how and where to set them up.

Purchased over the counter rat poison can be dangerous to children and pets, unless it is enclosed in a well-secured bait station, so don’t gamble with your safety, call the professionals.

We offer fast, effective, guaranteed removal of any rats in Dublin 10, Ballyfermot and Cherry Orchard. We can also rat proof your property and advice you what to do to minimise the chances of them ever settling again on your property.

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