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Pest Control Ireland | Residential & Commercial Pest Control

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Dublin and Neighbouring Counties.Commercial Pest Control in the whole of Ireland.

OnGuard Pest Control offers fast, effective pest elimination and pest-proofing services. Whether you reside in Dublin, Kildare, Cavan , Meath or Wicklow, we can usually get a technician to you on the same or the next day.

We can help you with:


Fast, Complete Pest Control Services with Guaranteed Results


OnGuard Pest Control technicians are IPCA trained and they have extensive experience in eliminating all kinds of pests. 

We don’t just get rid of symptoms, we get to the root of the problem. We destroy adult insects, their larvae and eggs. We help you pest-proof your property and educate you how you can prevent the problem from re-occurring.

Safety First

We always have your safety in mind. We therefore only use pest control products that have are the safest to the Irish Market.

We also make sure that you, your children and your pets are fully protected before we commence the treatment.

Discreet Service

We use unmarked vans and unbranded uniforms, so our service is very discrete. For our commercial clients we offer convenient, out of hours services, on-going pest monitoring, pest proofing services and extensive help and advice on how to keep your premises pest-free and in line with the existing health and safety regulations.

Fast, Guaranteed Results

Where possible, we use humane methods of pest extermination and never use glue traps which are illegal in Ireland.


OnGuard Pest Control Ireland offers you:

  • Professional Pest Control Services by IPCA certified technicians
  • Specialised equipment
  • Pest Control and Pest Monitoring Contracts
  • Competitive prices
  • Free cost estimates by phone
  • 24/7 Service for commercial clients
  • Out of hours phone service
  • Out of hours treatments
  • Unbranded uniforms and unmarked vans(available on request)
  • Pest-proofing advice
  • Fast, guaranteed results
  • Residential clients – we cover Dublin & Neighboring Counties
  • Business clients – we offer pest control services in the whole of Ireland


OnGuard Pest Control - Fast, Effective Removal of Unwanted Pests

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Commercial  Pest Control Ireland 

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Dublin

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